Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life's quick turns!

I haven't blogged since 2007.  Way before I had my 2 beautiful little girls and met the love of my life!!  Hope everyone is doing great!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tonight...3RD Stop!

Hey you,

Just wanted to let you know that tonight I'll be hanging out at 3rd Stop in Beverly Hills with a great friend of mine! see you there!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I just wrote this in a matter of 5 minutes. Excuse the run-ons and so on.

Hi there,

My name is Jeannette and this is my first time blogging. Im not sure what will emanate from this but it seems like a lot of fun.

I was born in Guatemala 07/78 and came to the States at 11-months-old. My parents were always on top of things so they took advantage of the amnesty that took place in the 80's. I became a U.S citizen at 17. I have been back to my country a couple of times now and have a lot of family there. When I went back to Guatemala at an age where I could understand the world a bit more, it completely changed my life, in a good way. I dont take anything for granted these days. I have an older sister and am fortunate to still have her and my parents in good health.

I was raised here in Los Angeles, CA (Maywood) until I was 13 yrs old. Some would call it the hood. But it was a nice place, to me. In the late 80's, "the hood" began to crumble. One morning we woke up to sirens wailing across our street. We lived across these railroad tracks where freight trains would go by about 4-5 times a day, even throughout the night. These were the 80's so L.A was still on its uprise to what it would become today; including gang violence. As the sirens wailed, my sister and I became curious and ran out along with my parents. What we would witness next would be the cause of my parents' decision to move to the burbs. about 10-15 police officers surrounded a young girl's body who had been a victim of a rape. She had been dumped on the tracks across my bedroom window. She had a huge boulder on her face which was smashed beyond recognition. Two weeks later, the bodies of 2 men had also been dumped in the same spot. The next day, my pops made the decision to move out of the hood.

Even though all this began to happen, my view of L.A never changed. I loved it there. I had nothing but Great memories and Great friends. I remember feeling sad to leave even though my parents had purchased our first home and I was finally going to get my own bedroom. I was a straight A student and by God's grace, never got into gangs or trouble.

To conclude my nutshell story, I believe it doesnt matter where you are from or what's going on or even what you witness. I always have my own point of view of things. I never believe when someone says 'thats a bad neighborhood,' because its only as bad as you believe it is. And if you believe in God, you're outlook on life is much greater.